Private Investigation

Open-Source Investigation

Open-source intelligence is derived from publicly and commercially available data and information. However, major search engines cannot index more than 99% of the internet.

Most people have access to less than one percent of the web. Elementos’ innovative methodology combines military and law enforcement intelligence professionals with a tailored collection strategy and tool to focus our research on what matters.


The race for cyber dominance has increased the risks for technology companies based in the United States. Studies have linked over 90% of cyber-attacks to human fault, intentional or unintentional.

Elementos experts are trained in identifying, monitoring, and evaluating foreign intelligence efforts to collect sensitive national security information and trade secrets on US persons, activities, and interests to determine the source of the activities.

Security Background Check

Elementos also conducts federal background investigations and prepare reports of studies in compliance with ICD 704 standards, applicable laws, and other required federal agency regulations to determine the employment suitability of persons who need access to sensitive or classified U.S. Government information.

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