Physical Security

Personal Security Detail

Elementos protects individuals, government leaders, VIPs, and corporate executives. Our close protection agents offer 24-hour security, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Our security officers will accompany you to indoor and outdoor meetings, rallies, concerts, and events. Elementos provides security guards and armed protection for artwork, jewels, and currencies. We preserve these and other valuables during shows, transit, and exhibitions.

Elementos’ security guards and management staff know the significance of their job. As our client, you will receive top-notch customer service from a team of attentive, courteous, and devoted experts. Elementos’ security professionals know you are our most important and precious asset.

Elementos is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and daily recommendations. We want to be your security guard and front desk ambassador provider. We want a long, mutually beneficial partnership with you.

Weapons Training

Weapons training goes beyond accuracy. We teach practical mechanics and decision-making while emphasizing safe gun usage. These core abilities provide crucial knowledge and tactical judgment for maximum safety.

Elementos provide weapons training and consultancy to the military, police, government, and businesses. Our firearms and tactics training courses stress safety, constructive practice, and skill evaluation and tracking.

Elementos teachers are picked for their knowledge, professionalism, and experience. Their real-world expertise enhances our tactical training. Our trainers are from the military and police. Our teachers provide top-notch tactical and weapons instruction. They’ve established a training system that works in real-world tactics.


Defy the odds. Be at the top of the food chain so you can survive reality. Learning to protect yourself and your family shouldn’t take years. Traditional martial arts take years to master and introduce information in stages, delaying self-defense. Reality-based self-defense techniques teach too little or demand too much skill and effort to master. Our assaults are directed at the most susceptible body regions, including the neck, groin, knees, eyes, and joints.

We provide a non-competitive, reality-based military self-defense method. It involves striking, grappling, gun, rifle, blunt, and edge weapon defense. Elementos self-defense teaches vigilance to anticipate and defend against carjacking, kidnapping, and active shooters. We teach basic pistol, Florida CCW, and rifle tactical shooting.

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